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14572440_10103007157085302_272638816063220513_nSo it’s Tuesday November 1st 2016 and we have spent an entire day away from the office having

a blast doing team building activities before our Planning Day tomorrow for 2017 here at French Lick

Hotel. This is our very first of many Vision Retreats were they will decide what they will want to

accomplish next year. Have I mentioned how blessed I am and how I constantly look back at how fast

this ride has been and think I can’t believe we have accomplished so much in just a little amount of time.

Lots of people have told me that I sometimes move too fast (bahahaha). I am a risk taker, always have

been since I started bungie jumping at a young age on family vacations and then of course the obsession

with roll coasters with my dad. Tell me I can’t do something then I will tell you WATCH ME! That’s

actually my favorite thing someone can say to me because I will do it and I’ll prove it to you. I’ve been

told that from day one in real estate from all sorts of people at every milestone in my career I look back

and remind them what they told me I couldn’t do it “GOSH THAT FEELS GOOD”. But this team isn’t just

me it’s we. Actually it’s not we so much this year it’s “they”. It used to be I do it, then it was “We do it”,

now it is “They do it”. They are driving this train. And that is especially true since I have taken on another

endeavor to launch the first Keller Williams in Owensboro KY this year and had a few more job titles in

my career. My role on the team now is more like a Coach or Manager and coaching is my passion now.

I’ve had some success and now I want to give away that knowledge and help others have the same

success that’s my passion. I love seeing others succeed while living happy doing it that makes my heart

happy. To be happy at work you must me happy at home and that why it is very important to have a

good work-life balance.

Our team though hasn’t skipped a beat which the rest of the industry is down this year in

Owensboro the team will end the year up 18% if we hit our goals( which we are extremely close). I

couldn’t be more proud of what they have done this year even though I have been off training and

learning from the best in the industry alot. The team makes me so happy and it makes me very

emotional at times. We are a family and we act as a team it’s never” I” around here. I can honestly say

that we are all in this game all for the right reasons to help our clients and live a life that we never

thought was possible. Sometimes you see your work family more then your own family at times you

need to like them and enjoy them we so much do. I know from the outside looking in it probably looks

like we have a good time heck yes we do. What is really going on is we work our tails off and we GRIND

but we do it with laughter and tons of fun. I honestly wake up excited every day to help our team and

other agents at KW. I’ve never been happier in my life in my career then I am now and it’s because of

Keller Williams Elite and this incredible team I’m surround with. You to should love your work family.

Kelly Anne Harris

Kelly Anne Harris Team

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