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Do you have GRIT & GRATITUDE?

grittogreatHELLO 2017! Boy we are ready to hit this year running. The Kelly Anne Harris Team and KW Elite were just getting warmed up, and getting in our positions and learning plays in 2016.  2017 is when the game starts and athletes excel.


I led off the meeting at the end of the year by asking the team if they have GRATITUDE? I know we have tons of gratitude towards our clients but I think you should always have gratitude towards the people you do business with and make sure you are giving gratitude to everyone in your life that brings you meaning.


Grit .. if you don’t know what Grit is .. you need to read the book Grit to Great .. A very large role model in my life handed me the book one day and told me I had “GRIT”. I had never heard of it and was curious so as soon as she gave it to me I read it. Grit is something that makes success possible. It can be taught but not everyone is willing to learn how to have GRIT. GRIT is doing whatever it takes to WIN or SUCCEED. GRIT isn’t necessarily the smartest person in the room, it’s the one who is willing to give it everything. I was never a straight A student and honestly in high school I just got by academically .. But I did have tons of GRIT for the game of golf, I went from shooting 90 in 9 holes to shooting 40 and a top golfer in the district. It was the countless hours and determination that got me there, not skill.


Fail faster is a motto I live by. So no matter what your grades were, ACT scores, or what teachers told you growing up, it is not always your academic level that will get you to be successful. It’s GRIT.  Do you have the capability to do what others won’t? Think about that for 2017 and if you were like me and didn’t know what GRIT meant, I challenge you to learn it and develop it for your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!!


Kelly Anne Harris
Team Leader

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